Have you ever used a vivo smartphone? With innovation, stylish design, and superior user experience as its core selling points, vivo has chosen to use GoSky AI to create a Social CRM community management platform in order to get closer to the consumer market and deepen its relationship with customers. Let's take a look at the continuous stream of creative marketing strategies that vivo has launched to recruit new members!

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The Trigger and Key to Introducing Social CRM - Establishing Two-Way Communication

In the past, vivo mainly recruited fans through Facebook and Instagram, and the most common online marketing method was "interactive giveaways to collect data" or registering on the official website after purchasing a phone to participate in giveaways or receive gifts. Offline, vivo held "fan appreciation events" or "travel photography groups," using rich and interesting activities to interact and benefit fans.

Although vivo's overall membership management strategy in the past mainly focused on e-commerce schedules and holiday activities, effectively pushing promotional information through the festive effect and accumulating consumer data through giveaways and gifts, it has achieved certain results. However, in order to cultivate deeper customer interaction with the brand and increase opportunities for two-way communication and interaction, vivo decided to seek a more comprehensive mechanism and platform. Therefore, the introduction of Social CRM has become an important strategic shift, allowing vivo to maintain close communication with consumers at all times and further enhance brand image and market competitiveness.

Building a gamified task mechanism with Social CRM!

Due to the high turnover rate in the mobile industry, vivo aims to increase consumer favorability and loyalty. Therefore, it has introduced a task-based points collection mechanism through Social CRM. It opens the entrance through post interactions such as comments and limited-time tags. It regularly updates the points tasks and redemption rewards to provide incentives for subscription and membership enrollment. In addition, free push notifications are sent regularly to promote the latest activities, allowing consumers to receive more information about vivo's new products or brand.

To engage with consumers in the long term and identify potential consumer profiles that vivo attracts, it is necessary to present sufficiently attractive and interesting creative ideas to encourage users to willingly join as members. Here are a few Social CRM scripts built with the brainstorming of advertising companies:

vivo's "Lunar New Year Good Luck Drawing" quickly gained popularity

The "vivo Lunar New Year Good Luck Drawing" activity, in line with the festive atmosphere of the Lunar New Year, invited users to leave comments on the post and upload photos of their good luck drawings. By completing the interaction and sharing, users had a chance to win a new smartphone through a lucky draw. The process of leaving comments and sharing increased the post's engagement, leading to an increase in new members and promotion of the new smartphone.

Through this Good Luck Drawing activity, vivo gained valuable insights from the data. For example, it discovered that the participation ratio of female users was higher compared to previous activities, indicating that women showed more interest in "non-photography" activities compared to "photography" activities. It also found an increase in participation from existing users, suggesting that previous vivo users who had interacted before were interested and chose to participate again in the new activity, developing a habit of regularly checking the community for new activity information.

Romantic Valentine's Day with Flirty Words! Completion rate of interactive sharing reached 85%.

vivo's Valentine's Day campaign invited the God of Love and Social CRM to assist! Users simply had to leave a comment under the post: "#vivoFlirtyWordsWithYou" and choose their preferred gender (male/female), relationship status (single/married/in a complicated situation), and one of three background images. This combination would generate 18 unique result cards, which users could share and tag their partners or friends for a chance to win a new smartphone through a lucky draw!

This marketing campaign was not only fun and highly appreciated by users but also provided a novel and exciting experience. It successfully achieved vivo's core objectives: promoting the new smartphone and expanding the number of members.

During the process, it was also discovered that combining creative marketing with the festive effect and targeting Facebook advertisements yielded significantly better results and higher completion rates compared to previous campaigns with the same ad budget. Moreover, by integrating advertisements with Social CRM, detailed personal information of the participants in the campaign could be collected, addressing the issue of not being able to gather contact information in previous advertising efforts.

Social CRM can also be used for surveys! 

After organizing offline travel photography group events, vivo utilized Social CRM to create interactive surveys. Users who participated in the Taipei and Kaohsiung travel photography groups were invited to fill out satisfaction surveys. The survey completion rate reached 72%.

Upon analyzing the survey data, it was discovered that the registration completion rate for the travel photography groups was higher compared to previous online and offline marketing activities. This type of thematic event was particularly effective in gathering user information. As a result, vivo plans to continue using Social CRM in offline event scenarios, such as surveys, lucky wheel draws, and distribution of discount codes, to further increase the number of members.

Gift redemption rate as high as 88%, building long-term member loyalty!

vivo has achieved an impressive gift redemption rate of 88% in its points collection system, indicating that users have a strong interest in earning points and redeeming rewards. By utilizing free "push notifications" to remind users to participate in points collection tasks, the participation rate has increased from 25% to 40% after implementing push notifications.

The high conversion rate of 35% for push notifications demonstrates that users have become accustomed to accessing Social CRM through posts, stories, and recurring notifications, and they are actively engaging with vivo. Previous successful events have created memorable experiences and positive impressions of vivo among users. In the future, by continuing to utilize fan pages, communities, physical stores, and the official website, along with Facebook Custom Audience (CTA) ads to drive users to Social CRM and accumulate a member base, coupled with the introduction of new tasks and hosting of periodic events, vivo can continue to attract this user base to participate in its activities.

Recurring Notifications:零成本推播!一鍵創造近 9 成開訊率

Social CRM - The Weapon to Boost Customer Loyalty for vivo

One of the most appealing features of Social CRM for vivo was its ability to collect user data from various online and offline interactions, transforming potential customers into actual revenue. It also integrated consumer information onto a single platform, facilitating future multidimensional consumer profiling analysis. With the implementation of Social CRM's community management system, vivo successfully increased customer loyalty, satisfaction, and effectively expanded its member base. Moving forward, vivo will continue to create innovative interactive methods to provide consumers with a better brand experience.

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