social media management

More than customer service
Utilize interaction data to be re-marketing properties
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Customized user journey create deep interactions

Consumer behavior is changing,how can brand survive within digital transformation?
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More than 65% of consumers prefer to be contacted through messaging platforms over e-mail and text marketing, leading to an improved user experience


According to a Meta report,
more than 75% of consumers hope to directly contact corporations by messaging directly after COVID-19


A recent Gartner study estimates that by 2025,
80% of customer service organizations will abandon native mobile apps in favor of messaging on third party platforms


Conversational Commerce is changing the way of consumption: 50% of consumers use messaging platforms for online shopping

Exclusive Bot App technology User management & Social traffic expert

GoSky Chatbot (Chat Marketing) complete with
GoSky Loyal (Social Engagement Points Platform)
Ability to automate flows and improve business operations

abundance martech tools
that achieve marketing goals

Different Martech tools compete with creative interactions
Enhance user engagement & creativity of marketing activities
Increase potential user’s attraction and opportunity of sales conversion

System-embedded CRM analytics
Clear insight into user values

Strong data analytics to learn user preference
Find out consumption frequency & lifetime value
Utilized user tagging to re-marketing precisely

Recurring Notifications

Send proactive, personalized, and automated messages that drive re-engagement
Enhance both online & offline sales conversion

Creative Roulette game

Users can play the Gosky Social CRM
Online lottery game to strengthen the frequency of user interaction, engagement and social traffic

Unicode discount codes

Collect user profile and consumption history
User segmentation data to promote customized exclusive offers, such as discount codes or coupons to stimulate engagement

24hr Automated Messaging

Intuitive automated experiences that solve 70% of customer inquiries
Improvement in customer satisfaction, agent efficiency, and marketing & sales development

Gain 2X+ valuable conversations
by using messenger

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