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Its 5x Cheaper To Maintain A Current Customer Than Acquire A New One
Loyal Customers Spend on Average 130% More Than New Customers
A Simple 5% Increase In Customer Retention Would Drive 95% Profit Growth
Here’s How It Works

Three simple steps to minimize new customer acquisition costs, boost retention, and skyrocket brand profitability.

Spread your wings across multiple marketing channels to engage users, and convert followers into customers
Own your customer data to create highly targeted & precise marketing offers
Cultivate customer loyalty by consistently engaging users like a well-oiled machine
#NoCodes. #NoDownloads.

GoSky AI leverages conversational commerce to drive customer loyalty and enhance the average lifetime value of your customers. Connect all your marketing, sales, and CRM platforms to GoSky AI to get data-driven about driving revenue, and stimulating engagement.

Open Rate
Marketing Budget
Engage With Customers Right On The Apps They Already Use

Your customers are already spending 3+ hours every day on social media apps. Take that opportunity to engage with customers directly on their favorite apps. Catching customers in their native environment delivers better engagement, and increased trust. Leverage GoSky Loyal to capitalize on customer behavior in their organic environment.

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GoSky Loyal

No Code Needed Ever
Leverage the power of data to convert followers into revenue by cultivating your own digital loyalty program. No Download required for customers.
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GoSky Message Marketing

Data-Backed Messages
Start building powerful data-filled profiles on all your social traffic to empower interactive tagging.
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GoSky for paid ads service

GoSky Ads

Highly Targeted & Precise Ads
Targeting the right customers through customer segmentation will skyrocket your new members.
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Elevate Your Brand To New Heights With GoSky AI

Set Up In Less Than 30 Minutes With No Coding Needed.
Capture Loyal Customer Data For Future Retargeting In Under 3 Seconds.
Dramatically Enhance Customer Lifetime Value By 2x.
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