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to grow revenue and loyalty

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One-stop shop management
for cross messaging platforms


You may encounter the same circumstance?

The cost of acquiring new customers is 5 times higher than average?
Regular customers are willing to spend 130% more than new customers
Increase 5% customer retention can drive to 95% profit growth
The key steps are :

Reduce new customer acquisition cost,
enhance current users retention, and improve brand profitability...

Expand multiple marketing channels
to expand users touch points.
Turn followers into members.
Own first-hand
membership data.
Create precise marketing.
Cultivate Member Loyalty by
creating membership
engagement mechanism.
#NoCode , #NoDownload

We help businesses to grow loyalty and drive revenue by connecting
marketing, sales, and CRM on Messaging apps from first social
interaction to lifetime purchases

Message open
Reduce Marketing Budget
Complete Engagement
Sales Conversion

#1 Loyalty Program on messaging Apps
Over 400 brands trust GoSky

Drive sales performance across entire customer journeys
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GoSky Loyal

Social engagement points Platform
No-code App
Turn social media fans into members with digital loyalty program
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GoSky Message Marketing

Direct Messages
Not just for customer service, but deeply cultivating all social traffic.
Collect user info. via interactive tagging
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GoSky for paid ads service

GoSky Ads

Target potential customers precisely
Build re-marketing database
Advances customer segmentation
Increase accurate & qualified leads
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Bringing Your Social Mediato the Next Level

Loyalty program built within 30 minutes
Convert fans into future remarking list in 3 seconds
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