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Coding-Free to build
Digital Membership
Reward Point Card

Convert fans into future remarking list in 3 seconds
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One-stop leading social traffic to sales conversion

Turn Every Users into Lifetime Members
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digital membership card
create user engagement

Accumulate points on digital membership cards
Redeem coupon to various prizes
Awaken users to increase their lifetime value

Earn Points both online & offline Maximize oMO effectiveness

Points gathering tasks and incentives
Attract users to interact continuouslyConvert Social Members to Purchase Intention

3X Consumption Power
60% Retention rate

Customized tasks proliferate Retention Rate
Substantially reinforce user engagementIncrease and accelerate sales performance

brand membership

Provide user tagging function that record user behavior data.
Help brands to capture future business opportunities and re-marketing precisely.

design Specific
Member Assigned Tasks

According to user engagement to provide customized incentives.
Developing a sustainable marketing ecology and increase sales revenue.

interconnection mechanism of
brand’s social traffics

Co-branding or cross-industry alliance incentives.
Accelerate brand awareness exchange at your fingertips.

Create Loyalty with Points Programs Mechanism

Gathering points via both online interaciton & offline activities
Rapidly increase conversion rate, enhance user engagement, and cultivate loyal customers

customize tasks

Launch interesting interactive tasks according to brand needs
Users can accumulate points through task unlocking
Effectively improve user interaction and engagement

Free broadcast Retargeting

Unlimited recurring notification to create higher retention and user engagement

Unicode exclusive discount code

Use labels to collect user profiles
provide customized exclusive offerings
Tips : Fully utilize the two features above can strengthen conversion more effectively

Roulette Draw

Online lottery increases the frequency of user interaction and creates ultra-high traffic.
Increase user retention rate and strengthen user engagement

MGM Multi-channel Reciprocal link

Encourage users to actively share and spread through tasks, drive opportunities to increase followers.
Every 3 shares can bring back 1 new fans on average
(MGM: Member Get Member)

Multi-channel Access Login

Merge users from different channel on one site.
4 Entrance X 3 ways of access login.
Quickly collect user data with well-efficiency to
attain precise re-marketing.

Deepen the connection between
User and brand

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