Since 2020, P.LEAGUE+ has partnered with GoSky to create a new interactive form between professional basketball and fans through social digital technology, understanding fan expectations and feedback on games through data. In the 2021-22 season, the Kaohsiung Steel team announced joining the P.LEAGUE+ league, with the Fengshan Sports Center in Kaohsiung City as their home court. As a new team, quickly accumulating fans on social platforms with low reach rates is a top priority. The fastest way to gather fans is to let everyone know the strength of the Kaohsiung Steel team. Therefore, the pre-season warm-up games on November 13th and 14th, 2021 became the best opportunity.

Kaohsiung Steel teamed up with GoSky, using message advertising with GoSky Social CRM and various promotion channels to quickly increase visibility on social media, promoting the warm-up games on November 13th and 14th, attracting nearly 9,000 fans to attend!

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P.LEAGUE+ league's first Kaohsiung local team, igniting the professional basketball fever in southern Taiwan.

On November 13th and 14th, 2021, Taiwan's professional men's basketball league, P.LEAGUE+, held the second round of the 2021-22 season warm-up games at the Fengshan Sports Center in Kaohsiung. The newly established Kaohsiung Steel team competed against the champion and runner-up teams from the previous season. As the first professional basketball team in the southern region of the P.LEAGUE+ league, the weekend home games attracted nearly 9,000 fans. The game between the "host" Kaohsiung Steel team and the defending champion Taipei Fubon Braves had 38,400 online viewers, setting a new high for this season's warm-up games!

Expanding advertising reach and Social CRM inventory, quickly accumulating loyal fans!

As a newly established professional basketball team, the quickest way to accumulate fans is to make them aware of the team's strength. Social media channels have become an important means of promoting game information. The Kaohsiung Steel team partnered with GoSky AI and used two types of advertising: traffic-based ads and message ads + GoSky Social CRM, to quickly reach potential fans on Facebook and Instagram, recommending suitable warm-up games. It is hoped that through the games, fans can quickly become supporters and in the interactive process, recommend peripheral products to lead traffic to the online store, allowing fans to bring team merchandise to the game to support the Kaohsiung Steel team on game day.

This promotion strategy successfully attracted fans' attention and brought additional social media interaction. The message ads + GoSky Social CRM had more than 62.5% of fans continuously interacting with the Kaohsiung Steel team, of which 45% were fans who completed warm-up game ticket purchases, successfully finding the first loyal fans for the Kaohsiung Steel team. With the promotion through social media, news media, and various channels, a total of more than 9,000 fans were attracted to attend the game!

The Kaohsiung Steel team's performance in the warm-up games also successfully attracted fans. On November 14th, they defeated the defending champion, Taipei Fubon Warriors, and star player Lu Cheng-Ju scored 35 points! After the P.LEAGUE+ fans voted using GoSky Social CRM from Facebook and Instagram, Lu Cheng-Ju became the P.LEAGUE+ fan-voted MVP of the week!

Message ads increase traffic + GoSky Social CRM stores traffic for precision remarketing!

If you also want to store all the fans who have seen the ad for future precision remarketing, here are some tips that you can easily follow!

Use Facebook message ads to reach potential users.

Install GoSky Social CRM for your fan page and store all potential customers who click on the ad.

Create a simple and meaningful interactive process within GoSky Social CRM to better understand the tags of products and usage scenarios that consumers are interested in.

In the future, you can use the information from the above steps for precision remarketing in corresponding promotion activities!