Rock Records has partnered with GoSky AI to bring an innovative fan interaction solution to the music industry, achieving remarkable results with their artist U:NUS. This collaboration leverages advanced technology to revolutionize the way artists and fans interact, making it more convenient and efficient.

U:NUS, a renowned artist under Rock Records, has always been at the forefront of the music industry with their unique style and captivating performances. With the release of their latest single, "100%", U:NUS invited fans to make wishes and challenge themselves, establishing a close connection with fans through creative interactive activities.

Facebook and Instagram have become indispensable social marketing tools in the music industry, helping artists attract a large number of fans and build strong emotional connections with them. However, traditional Facebook and Instagram marketing solutions often lack comprehensive data analysis tools and fan interaction point collection features. GoSky AI’s SaaS platform showcases its powerful product capabilities, allowing artists to significantly save on the cost and time of developing applications.

Through this collaboration, U:NUS used GoSky AI’s marketing technology to directly create a fan membership interaction application on Facebook and Instagram, without the need for coding. Among the fan interaction point collection features, fans can earn points by revisiting daily to watch MVs and listen to the latest songs, which can be redeemed for exclusive cheering voice messages from the singer! This initiative has also helped U:NUS rapidly increase their viewership and expand their social influence, with some superfans participating up to 220 times in a single day! These backend data analytics also help the artist identify their most loyal fans, enabling them to prioritize notifications about new songs and physical events to superfans, achieving an open rate of up to 97%, once again demonstrating how using marketing technology can enhance fan loyalty.

The collaboration between Rock Records, U:NUS, and GoSky AI demonstrates the powerful impact of digital transformation. U:NUS can more directly reach fans, provide instant offers, and deliver a seamless interactive experience. Fans only need a few clicks on Facebook or Instagram to become members and participate in interactive activities, strengthening their connection with the artist without needing to download additional apps.

This collaboration not only enhances the fan experience but also leads the new trend of marketing technology application in the music industry. Rock Records and U:NUS, in partnership with GoSky AI, continue to be at the forefront of innovative fan interaction, showcasing the significant impact of digital transformation in the music industry.

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