"Welcome to the Royal Base, join the Royal members, unlock mission points, and redeem exclusive gifts!" Have you seen this welcoming message as a loyal fan of the New Taipei Kings?

For the latest season, P.LEAGUE+ New Taipei Kings chose to use GoSky Social CRM to create a point collection activity exclusively for Royal members. They also introduced several creative community interactions, such as the "Fashion King" and "Royal Quiz." Let's take a look at how the New Taipei Kings used Social CRM to cultivate a loyal fan base.

The glory of the New Taipei Kings is not just for the team, as fans can accumulate loyalty by completing missions.

After entering the New Taipei Kings' Social CRM, fans can not only view recent games, members of the Guard, and peripheral stores but also join the Royal members and embark on a mission journey.

The member point collection mission is a win-win situation for the New Taipei Kings and fans. For fans, Royal members can unlock tasks, such as subscribing to the community and signing in every week to earn points. These points can be redeemed for Royal roulette draw opportunities to win team-related peripherals, tickets, or sponsored brand coupons.

The New Taipei Kings have packaged creative interactions as point collection missions to increase the audience's "participation" in the brand and games. This participation not only increases fan loyalty but also raises the conversion rate of peripheral sales through the Social CRM point redemption mechanism, forming a positive cycle.

The completion rate of the "Fashion King" mission was as high as 98%! The voting activity drove the engagement rate of iron fans.

The New Taipei Kings launched the "Fashion King" voting activity, allowing fans to vote for their favorite members of the Guard. Through the voting mechanism, the New Taipei Kings can also see who the popular players are on the team. After the vote, fans are encouraged to subscribe to the player's related push notifications. In the future, fans can receive all the exciting highlights related to that player.

The New Taipei Kings used the "Royal Quiz" as a weekly task to add an incentive every week. Coupled with effective push notifications, they successfully activated Social CRM traffic. As the source of questions for the "Royal Quiz," the Royal Chronicle provided links to games and short videos of the Guard's daily lives, driving video traffic and increasing fan interaction.

Zero-cost "recurring notification" mechanism amplifies fan economy

Currently, the recurring notification mechanism, also known as Recurring Notification, is arguably the lowest-cost digital marketing method on the market. As long as the user presses the subscribe button, a push notification with a cost of $0 can be sent to all subscribers. The New Taipei City Kings have already gained over 16K clicks through Social CRM's "message broadcast." For example, if the cost per click for advertising in the Taiwan market is NTD$15, which is equivalent to a budget of 240,000 for advertising placement, the zero-cost recurring notification mechanism is undoubtedly the best solution for communicating with fans under a limited marketing budget.

Fan King City Glory! P.LEAGUE+ New Taipei City Kings accurately grasp the hearts of fans

For fans of the New Taipei City Kings, it is not the most important thing to know what gifts can be exchanged for collecting points. What is more important is to enjoy the "interactive process" of supporting their favorite team and players through the official Social CRM of the New Taipei City Kings. This sense of interaction and participation makes fans feel spontaneously connected to and influential to their supported team. They realize that every task and support they do contributes to the team's and players' performance, giving them a sense of satisfaction of "having an impact." This is also the essential task that every team's marketing team must carefully cultivate in the future, and the New Taipei City Kings have achieved this through GoSky Social CRM! Do you also want to create this kind of "fan cohesion"?