The "2023 APEC Sports Policy Network Dialogue X HYPE Global Virtual TW Demo Day" co-organized by the APEC Sports Policy Network (ASPN) of the Ministry of Education's Sports Administration and the "HYPE GVA TW" Taiwan Sports Innovation Accelerator was held in Tokyo, Japan on April 16. GoSky Social CRM, with its advantages in being the top market share holder in the sports industry and in member management platforms, has gained international recognition. It stood out among the 9 teams from Taiwan, Canada, Switzerland and other countries and was awarded the highest honor "Sports Administration Award" at the event. In the future, with the support of HYPE GVA TW's global resources, it will connect more international sports-related resources and accelerate the formation of the global sports technology industry ecology.

The "2023 APEC Sports Policy Network Dialogue X HYPE Global Virtual TW Demo Day" was held in Tokyo, Japan, and the 9th training team also demonstrated their training results. GoSky AI from Taiwan shared its successful cases and professional experience in the sports industry with nearly 30 professional judges from the investment, sports industry, corporate executives, media and other fields online and offline, showcasing Taiwan's innovation energy. With its solid experience in the sports industry, GoSky AI successfully won the highest honor "Sports Administration Award" at the event. GoSky AI Co-founder and CEO Zhang Yuwei said, "GoSky AI currently has successful cases of professional sports users landing in Taiwan, North America, and Southeast Asia, and is also targeting the Northeast Asian market. In addition to exchanging our achievements and technology applications in the sports technology industry with sports experts from various countries, we will also further understand the Japanese and global markets. Thanks to HYPE GVA TW for providing resource injections since the training, we will continue to expand GoSky Social CRM globally and let the international sports market feel the amazing soft power of Taiwan's new startup teams that can lead the world!"

Sports technology to become the next trillion-dollar industry, GoSky Social CRM empowers collaborative innovation in the industry with technology

In recent years, emerging technologies such as big data and AI have been widely used to address the needs of the sports industry, leading to the growth of the sports technology industry against the tide of the pandemic. The use of technology to upgrade the sports industry is expected to double its production value and make it the next trillion-dollar industry in Taiwan by 2030.

GoSky Social CRM, a community membership management platform, has been committed to the development of Taiwan's sports industry in recent years, helping major professional events and teams to succeed in digital transformation. It has become the most popular digital marketing technology tool in the sports industry, bringing revenue growth to brands while increasing customer lifetime value. It has become an important driving force for brand fan membership economy. Its customers include the basketball league and teams, the Chinese Professional Baseball League and teams, etc. Through marketing strategies such as core data marketing and cultivating loyal fans, it has created an exclusive membership system and membership benefits, greatly maximizing the overall industry scale. By developing diversified operations and applications such as building personal brands for star players, selling peripheral products, and integrating online and offline fields through OMO (Online Merge Offline) technology, it has created a fivefold growth in active membership and helped the sports industry brand achieve market attention and expand production value, co-creating new blue oceans in the sports industry.

GoSky AI Leverages Rich Sports Industry Experience to Establish a Foothold in Taiwan and Connect with the International Market.

With its rich experience in the sports industry, GoSky AI has established a foothold in Taiwan and connected with the international market, spanning Taiwan, North America, and Southeast Asia, and collaborating with industries including basketball, baseball, volleyball, and esports markets. Its partners include the Kaohsiung 17 Live Steel Basketball Team, New Taipei Kings Basketball Team, Taiwan T1 LEAGUE, the Chinese Professional Baseball League, China Women's Volleyball Team, Veniceball, one of the most famous summer basketball leagues in North America, and MPL, a leading esports league in Southeast Asia. It creates immersive viewing experiences for events and collaborates to create a fan economy.

GoSky AI co-founder and CEO, Yu-Wei Chang, said, "GoSky Social CRM has a complete professional sports market operation, which enhances fan lifetime value through market insights and membership management data, creating a closed-loop membership ecosystem through marketing technology."