According to the Digital 2022 Report jointly released by Hootsuite and We Are Social, the number of global social media users has surpassed 4.6 billion, with each user spending an average of 2.5 hours per day on social media platforms. Social media has become the most important marketing channel for brands to find traffic, and more and more companies are now operating Social CRM. However, what benefits can Social CRM bring to a brand? And how can brands choose the right Social CRM service?

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From CRM to Social CRM, Two-Way Communication is the Key to Truly Enhancing Customer Lifetime Value.

The key difference between Social CRM and traditional CRM lies in the emphasis on customer-centricity. Social CRM, or social member relationship management, shifts the focus from "managing members" to "creating conversations with members," leveraging social media platforms to interact with members and obtain first-hand information directly from them. This information can then be transformed into valuable insights that enable brands to respond more accurately and quickly to member needs.

In addition to understanding members' purchase histories, Social CRM can further track members' behavior on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, creating more complete and three-dimensional member profiles. With this information, brands can tailor differentiated content and accurately push it to interested audiences, capturing consumers at every stage of the funnel and maximizing their lifetime value through personalized marketing.

Choosing the Key to Social CRM at Once, Using the Right Tool Can Achieve Twice the Result with Half the Effort.

Choosing the right Social CRM tool is critical, as it can make a significant difference in reducing marketing and promotion costs while bringing more loyal members to your brand. When selecting a Social CRM, it's important to ensure that it meets the following four criteria, as this will help you streamline member data and better manage your members:

1.Multi-channel login: every touchpoint can become a brand member.

Brands often struggle to effectively gather member traffic and data from various channels, and one of the core values of Social CRM is to help brands manage member data more effectively. However, if member data must be extracted and consolidated from different channels separately, this value is lost. Therefore, when selecting a Social CRM, make sure it supports multi-channel login functionality so that fans or customers from various touchpoints can easily flow into a unified member pool.

💡 Three ways to log in to GoSky Social CRM through multiple channels:

Messenger: Open a conversation with the brand through Messenger, and complete registration and login in just 3 seconds.

LINE: In the brand's LINE OA, activate the registration process with one click, and then bind your Messenger account to enjoy the most complete membership experience.

Mobile phone number: Enter your mobile phone number anytime and anywhere, complete the OTP verification, and bind your Messenger account to enjoy a complete membership experience.

In the customer journey, there are many channels for customers to contact the brand and experience services. Whether it is through Facebook fan page posts, Instagram stories, the brand's LINE OA, or physical stores, etc., you can find the corresponding login method in GoSky Social CRM to acquire brand members from all channels and prevent loss!

2.No-Code community membership points system that does not require development or downloads:

Some companies may choose to develop their own app as a SCRM system. However, besides the high cost of research and development and subsequent maintenance, how to divert traffic to the app is also a major challenge. Forbes also pointed out that 91% of people do not like to download apps.

On the other hand, it can be seen that the public is increasingly fond of messaging. The download volume of the four major messaging apps (WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Telegram) has exceeded that of the four major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok). Additionally, 70% of consumers have sent a private message to at least one brand in the past three months, indicating that consumers are actually very willing to have conversations with brands through messages.

Social CRM built on messaging apps allows consumers to start interacting with brands as soon as they enter the chat room, just like interacting with friends in daily life. The completely No-Code backend operation interface empowers brands to easily operate even if they don't know how to code.

3.Member Segmentation: Elevating Member Value through Skillful Guidance

Social CRM can differentiate different membership levels based on member points or consumption amount, segmenting potential old customers, new customers, regular customers, and loyal members, labeling different members, and then using gamification theory to plan specific activities and assign different benefits to different levels of members, guiding customers to transform layer by layer and upgrade to more loyal brand fans, unleashing the maximum member value. Furthermore, it can further gather and summarize the profiles of loyal members, target similar audiences of high-value customers, and make them the primary target for subsequent marketing!

4.Member Data Management: Audience Profile Analysis and Report Export

Social CRM is not only a channel for interacting with members, but also a valuable way to collect and analyze customer data. A good Social CRM should be able to quickly organize collected data and have data cross-analysis functions, making it easy for marketing decision-makers to track the effectiveness of various marketing activities and convert them into usable marketing strategies to increase customer satisfaction and sales performance. At the same time, excellent analysis reports can help companies demonstrate marketing return on investment to senior management teams and win more budget resources in the future.

5.UI/UX Experience: Maximizing Application Efficiency

Finally, an easy-to-use Social CRM tool and proactive customer service personnel are more important than anything else. Therefore, when choosing a tool, factors such as its operation interface, training resources, and technical support should be fully evaluated to ensure a smooth overall user experience, allowing team members to get started quickly and maximize the powerful effects of Social CRM!

In summary, when choosing a Social CRM tool, companies should focus on the following aspects: integration of major social platforms, member segmentation and labeling, customer data management, and intelligent data analysis and reporting functions. By choosing a Social CRM that can fully meet these needs, companies can fully utilize customer data, formulate more targeted marketing strategies, increase customer satisfaction and sales performance, and achieve twice the result with half the effort.

GoSky Social CRM is a community member management platform that simultaneously satisfies member growth, revenue growth, and active members, helping brands find the most valuable people in the community and turning every interaction on the community into actual revenue!

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