Looking forward to the future development of technology, coupled with the impact of COVID-19, the decline of physical storefronts and constant inflation have led to the gradual increase in the penetration rate of e-commerce, delivery platforms, and online shopping. According to the estimates of the Future Commerce Research Institute, the e-commerce penetration rate in Taiwan will reach 20% in 2023. As such, there is a huge business opportunity that e-commerce personnel cannot afford to miss!

Amplify the "festive small happiness" and seize major holiday business opportunities.

Festivals can effectively bring happiness to customers. According to literature, festival activities not only have economic benefits but also generate some positive social and cultural effects. Participants often experience positive feelings of happiness while consuming during festivals, so people are willing to spend more time and money on festivals than usual. The most important aspect of the rise of e-commerce brands is to seize people's desire to maximize "festive small happiness" and seize major holiday business opportunities!

Festival marketing can be implemented through various means, including advertising, promotions, brand promotion, and social media. For example, merchants can launch Christmas gift packages during Christmas or moon cake promotions during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Shopee's "Festive Small Happiness" combined with Facebook ads to create brand identity.

As an e-commerce person, you cannot miss Shopee, and as a Shopee e-commerce person, you cannot miss the business opportunities brought by "Facebook ads"! How can you make consumers willing to choose you and become loyal fans among many brands? In addition to the deep cultivation of brand, the most important thing in operating Shopee e-commerce is to let more people see your brand and mall through Facebook ads. Brand awareness will continue to spread, and with the combination of festive small happiness, it can create positive growth for the brand and business.

GoSky AI's hot "Double 11" real advertising case sharing. ROAS (Return on AD Spending) refers to the revenue ratio obtained for each advertising investment. In simple terms, it is how much revenue can be generated for every dollar spent on advertising.

The discrepancy in effectiveness between holidays and regular days can be seen from this example. The growth rate during the holiday season was nearly ten times higher! On the day of Double 11, the ROAS soared to 168.82, indicating that consumers tend to add their favorite products to their shopping lists but prefer to make purchases during the holiday season, in conjunction with promotional sales.

In the era of explosive information technology, advertising has become commonplace for modern people. In addition to maintaining brand uniqueness and product power, one cannot miss out on consumer psychology and holiday opportunities. By using big data and exposure to different types of advertising, businesses can seize the opportunity and maximize their revenue.