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What is ChatGPT?

Here's the "self-introduction" produced by ChatGPT when I input "Write a blog post introducing 'What is ChatGPT'":

ChatGPT is one of the products of rapid development in artificial intelligence technology in recent years. It is a large language model developed by OpenAI, designed to achieve natural conversation with humans. The full name of ChatGPT is "Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer", which is a language model using self-supervised learning.

ChatGPT is a very powerful language model that learns and understands the structure and context of human language by training on large amounts of text data. When ChatGPT converses with humans, it can generate natural, fluent responses and understand the context of human language, providing appropriate responses based on the conversation. ChatGPT can even perform some commonsense inference and question answering with high accuracy and reliability.

ChatGPT can be applied to many different scenarios, such as customer service, question answering systems, and chat rooms, effectively improving efficiency and satisfaction. In addition to dialogue applications, ChatGPT can also be applied to other language-related fields, such as automatic translation, text summarization, and text generation.

How to use ChatGPT? What are its use cases?

Currently, the most well-known usage of ChatGPT in Taiwan is to directly log into the ChatGPT webpage and start a conversation with the AI. According to ChatGPT itself, there are already many use cases, such as:

Chat rooms in websites and apps

Many websites and applications now offer chat room services using ChatGPT, and these web pages and apps have been connected to ChatGPT's API. Simply enter a message in the chat box, and ChatGPT will automatically output its response to your message.

Three major intelligent voice assistants

The most commonly used intelligent voice assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, have also begun to support the use of ChatGPT technology for conversation. You can directly talk to the voice assistant or type in text, and ChatGPT will automatically answer your questions.

Intelligent customer service chatbots

Many companies have started to integrate ChatGPT technology into their customer service systems to improve the efficiency of their intelligent customer service. For example, customers can have real-time conversations with ChatGPT, which can provide corresponding solutions or automatically forward customer questions to human customer service.

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How to give correct instructions to ChatGPT

ChatGPT is like an all-knowing guide, and the more precise the instructions you give it, the more accurate its response will be. There are now collections of ChatGPT instruction sets available online that allow you to use refined command language to "cast spells" and apply them in a variety of marketing fields. If ChatGPT doesn't answer your question correctly, try providing more contextual information or rephrasing your question and asking it to "Regenerate response." Here are some tips to help you have a smooth conversation with ChatGPT:

Keep your questions concise and clear. Avoid asking very general questions, as ChatGPT will only be able to provide you with an official and vague answer.

Provide complete supplementary information and a background. For example, if you ask "How's the weather today?" you can provide context information such as location or date to allow ChatGPT to accurately respond with the weather for the correct geographical location.

Avoid using abbreviations, trendy words, slang, or dialects. Use more common and widely circulated words when casting spells with ChatGPT.

Is ChatGPT a chatbot? How does it differ from the chatbots commonly used in business today?

The answer is that ChatGPT is a chatbot, but the way it operates is different from the chatbots we are familiar with, primarily in its core technology. The chatbots commonly used in the market today have not yet been able to integrate with AI technology, and the conversational generation technology is usually based on rules or preset scripts. Companies need to write a series of conversation rules or templates to respond to users' different needs in advance.

In contrast, ChatGPT uses natural language processing technology powered by AI technology. By learning from large amounts of language data in networks, books, and literature, ChatGPT can simulate more natural and fluent conversations with humans and answer any customized questions from users (whether the answer is correct or not is another matter). In addition, because ChatGPT can constantly self-learn and self-improve, it can continuously improve its answer accuracy and efficiency, making it easier and faster for companies to maintain.

What is Chatbot Plus, the upgraded version of the current chatbot?

In addition to answering customer inquiries and meeting the needs of quickly finding information and responding to messages, chatbots can also integrate more software services to make them have member platforms, e-commerce platforms, and other functions. Chatbots embedded in communities are upgraded to "Chatbot Plus," also known as "Social CRM." Compared with a general chatbot, upgrading to Social CRM (Chatbot Plus) has the following significant advantages:

More Comprehensive Customer Data

Using a regular chatbot only allows browsing of user interactions with the brand, but cannot collect a more comprehensive footprint of the customer or detailed information about the customer. Chatbot Plus can automatically label interactions in the process and generate analytical reports based on the collected customer files and interaction status. This enables brands to adjust their strategies and provide better services based on customer needs and interaction data.

More Robust Marketing Interaction Modules

The upgraded Chatbot Plus incorporates more "message push" related features, such as commonly used e-commerce platform functions such as repurchase and re-marketing notifications, and customer recall notifications. It can even integrate with e-commerce stores for direct product selection and browsing, reducing customer breakage points during the shopping process.

Furthermore, Chatbot Plus is also a powerful tool for customer management, for example, it can launch a membership grading system, point feedback system, and other functions. Consumers can complete point accumulation tasks, exchange points for prizes, and exchange discount codes for coupons within the chatbot. These points can create interactive incentives, forming a positive cycle of "attracting consumers, stimulating repurchase rates, and enhancing loyalty." When customers obtain points after completing tasks, they will have a mindset of "I have already invested so much time and money, I must continue to consume to redeem more rewards." Therefore, point discounts and coupons can induce customers to consume more actively, thereby increasing repurchase rates and loyalty.

More precise personalized services

Chatbot Plus can label users during interactions and then provide more personalized products and marketing information by analyzing user behavior and interaction data to understand the needs and interests of potential customers, thereby increasing customer willingness to make purchases.

Further understanding of the advantages of Social: What is Social CRM (social customer relationship management)? An inventory of the advantages of SCRM digital transformation.

If Chatbot Plus is combined with ChatGPT in the future...

GoSky estimates several ways in which ChatGPT and Chatbot Plus can be integrated to greatly improve the efficiency and quality of Chatbot services:

Automated customer service and copywriting: ChatGPT is built on natural language processing and machine learning technology, and can not only provide quick responses but also automatically categorize and archive problems and needs, thereby improving service efficiency and quality and reducing customer wait times. In addition, companies can use the interaction data collected by Chatbot Plus (Social CRM) and the questions answered by ChatGPT to match users and comprehensively improve firsthand customer information.

Personalized recommendations: AI technology such as user behavior prediction, image recognition, and natural language processing can help companies easily identify consumers' real preferences and needs, and provide more accurate marketing recommendations, forming a positive feedback loop.

Social media monitoring and management: Through AI sentiment analysis technology, Chatbot can monitor the interaction between users and the brand's social media platform, understand customer evaluations and feedback on the brand, and adjust product services in a timely manner to improve satisfaction and brand reputation.Further reading: Understanding Chatbot: How can chatbots be used? How to view the application of ChatGPT AI technology integration.

Can ChatGPT replace Chatbots?

ChatGPT, built on AI text generation technology, has many advantages such as faster text generation speed, real-time response, and a wider range of conversation topics. In short, ChatGPT can quickly and comprehensively answer any questions customers may have.

However, you may wonder if it's feasible to only purchase ChatGPT. The answer is currently no, as even if Chatbots embed ChatGPT text generation and automatic broadcasting technology in the future, AI still has shortcomings such as inaccurate replies, lack of proximity to real human language, and uncontrollable response content. In other words, it is currently impossible to control ChatGPT to provide 100% accurate and beneficial responses for a company. I believe no company wants to bear the business loss caused by AI errors.

Furthermore, current ChatGPT cannot help you find suitable audiences and proactively reach out to them, answering their questions as "official" representatives when they need you. This is unlike the upgraded and expanded Chatbots with CRM functions for customer management, which can guide customers on social media into Chatbots and offer strategies such as reward points and feedback coupons to increase customer retention. Therefore, it is recommended that companies use both ChatGPT and Chatbots simultaneously.

Conclusion: Companies should use both ChatGPT and Chatbots to achieve comprehensive efficiency.

It is recommended to use both ChatGPT and Chatbots to achieve marketing and operational effectiveness. ChatGPT needs to learn the initial data before its responses can become more precise and closer to customer needs, avoiding mechanical responses that may deviate from the purpose of "personalized precision marketing." Chatbots should also actively integrate with AI technology to provide better user experiences.

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