Cooperate with the government's epidemic prevention policies. LG Taiwan launched a #MaskOn Campaign

At the end of May, the epidemic situation in Taiwan gradually calmed down. Even though the domestic ban has been gradually lifted, the Taiwanese government has not slackened its efforts on prevention. LG Taiwan responded to the government’s policies by utilizing GoSky Chatbot. With the #MaskOn slogan as the call and use lucky draws to attract different customers. Combine current news to create higher engagement rates!

Post-epidemic deployment of marketing strategies 👉🏻


Higher than average! The completion rate is 71%

LG Taiwan #MaskOn Campaign combined social media posts with chatbot interaction. The overall marketing funnel has attained superior performance. It had over 71% users completed the tasks process, higher than the average 70%. 

The engagement rate of LG Taiwan still can grow at a time when traffic is scarce and public awareness is low. It can be attributed to the interesting overall chatbot process design and the theme matched with current news to improve eye-catching. Coupled with the high-quality graphic materials in the chatbot: the humorous comic-style materials. Those factors can help with increasing the public’s attention and strengthen the overall motivation for users to complete the campaign. 

LG Taiwan grasps the valuable natural traffic on social media. As a result, It has created 80%+ share rates which are 20% higher than average, an organic reach of nearly 20 thousand persons, and 2000+ total engagement.

Build-up a universal chatbot for long-term member’s operation

The natural traffic was quite substantial already from LG Taiwan Facebook’s page without ADs traffic. Users amount and the exposure rates further increase after its cooperation of advertising. Offline campaigns and co-branding partnerships can also help with the engagement rates.There are nearly 500 users accumulated in the #MaskOn Campaign. Therefore, LG Taiwan can build-up a universal chatbot for long-term operations and promote their product by user tagging and recurring notifications, to further increase brand awareness and sales revenue. 

Making your Facebook page perform like an e-commerce and turn the old consumers into loyal customers. Analyzing the data collected from every campaign for further effective marketing!

Build-up brand membership database for further re-engagement 👉🏻