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AI Customer Service

Develop a 24/7 precise and seamless consulting experience to significantly enhance user satisfaction.
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integrate a brand-specific database
to enhance response accuracy.

Integrates ChatGPT's NLP to precisely interpret user intentions using a brand-provided database, generating clear and natural responses.

No code: Set up an AI customer service
in 10 mins, tailored to your brand's style.

No need for any coding, complex scripts, or programming commands.
Create and import your brand's AI training documents in just 10 minutes.

integration with social media posts,
CRM systems, and member loyalty programs

After AI training, it can be used across all supported social platforms and combined with social media posts for automated interactions, achieving diverse scenarios.

automated, Smart Customer Service: Instant User Response

Integrating ChatGPT NLP, making conversation the best solution for customer issues

24 hr

24/7 service solves staffing shortages,
high turnover, and other operational issues

10 mins

Set up AI Customer Service in 10 mins, Brand-Aligned


Automatically resolve 80% of customer service
issues with a brand-aligned tone, saving on staffing


Average response time is 3x faster
Instantly resolve issues, boost customer satisfaction

Emotion detection

System detects emotional words in user responses,
seamlessly transfers to live customer service
to ensure a positive customer service experience.

Response correctness System

Set to answer based on documents, this system reliably avoids sensitive or competitive topics and ensures responses are accurate and on-topic, preventing any misleading information.

Easily control all responses

Responses are displayed in real-time on the
'Instant Messaging' backend for team monitoring,
managing multiple accounts synchronously.

Multilingual Support

Accurately understands user response languages.
Generating natural corresponding replies.
Switch between multiple languages through commands.

Omni-channel AI customer service, linking all brand marketing

Deploy multiple 'independent' AI customer service bots for various events, service, and marketing needs

E-commerce / Retail

Common shopping-related questions
Inquiries on sourcing, inventory, size, and style
Product / brand philosophy introductions


Course plan consultation and recommendations
Discounts and program introductions
Online basic teaching, such as FAQs and  e-learning

Finance / Insurance

Introduction to online banking operations.
One-click transfer to customer service.
Common financial knowledge and anti-fraud.

Media / Entertainment

Realistic interaction and fan engagement.
Consultation on collaborative products / ticket purchases.
Fast search and analysis of news / public opinion.

Deepen the connection between
User and brand

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