GoSky Loyalty Program is now available in North America!

Venice Beach in Los Angeles is not only famous for its diverse arts and culture, but also for its annual summer street basketball tournament. The Ron Beals Day at Venice ball in August 2022 was held in Los Angeles, and this year, in addition to the game itself, Veniceball also corporated with GoSky AI to launch their loyalty program based on social engagement. No need to develop or download an app,  a membership platform can be created on social media through GoSky’s No-code platform simply.

Fans can complete Vaniceball’s interactive tasks through conversations on Messenger. By earning membership points, fans can redeem points for raffle tickets and other prizes. Veniceball can easily maintain regular interactions and build long-term relationships with fans through GoSky Loyalty Program.

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O2O Tie-in! Announce information online, increase spectator retention offline.

2022 Ron Beals Day started a two-day semi-final and championship game at the end of August. Before the game, the complete schedule was announced through GoSky Loyal to encourage fans to watch the game in person. The social traffic directed fans to Veniceball’s online store; fans bought jerseys and caps to better integrate into the atmosphere of the game day. Fans who were unable to attend that day can also connect directly to Youtube to watch the first-hand live broadcast of the game.

On the other hand, the biggest challenge of offline events are usually about how to remain social traffic. In order to solve this situation, GoSky Loyal helps Veniceball to guide fans from online communities to offline matches and collects the spectator’s preferences & information into the membership system.

Even though people who happened to be passing by but interested in watching the game, they can also become members by scanning the QR code at the game, in only one second. In this process, offline traffic can be directly transferred to online and increases further interaction with Veniceball for subsequent user profile gathering and re-marketing activities.

Veniceball loyalty program

Gamification to accumulate points! Cultivate fans' depth engagement and strengthen brand mind share from omni-channel.

💡GoSky Loyalty Program Service highlights at a glance

Daily check-in: Increase user engagement

Simply open Messenger for entering Veniceball’s loyalty program. Click a button to sign in, just like chatting with friends daily.

Tracking subscriptions: Not missing any information from any channels

Whether Facebook and Instagram followers who subscribe to the official Youtube channel, or reading the latest blog post, Veniceball can easily get followers from omni-channels and enhance fans loyalty.

Information broadcast: First-hand news automatically and immediately reported

GoSky AI's free broadcast generates a return rate of nearly 90%. Fans can subscribe to Veniceball notifications with just the click of a button. Whenever the latest news is released, subscribers will receive relevant information instantly.

Veniceball loyalty program

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