GoSky Loyalty Program is Now Available in North America! Los Angeles Basketball League Veniceball Has Started to Grow Their Fans with GoSky

The iconic Venice Beach, Los Angeles is famous for more than the sunny vibes, happy-go-lucky beachgoers, and a lively arts & culture scene. Once a year, the annual summer street basketball tournament draws a crowd larger than you might have imagined. 

Venice Beach’s Ron Beals Day kicked off in August 2022 with a bang. In addition to the smashing dunk competitions and basketball tournaments, the Veniceball League launched their participation in GoSky AI’s social engagement loyalty program. The easy-to-use platform went live on their social channels to instantly start converting conversations into commerce. 

Fans of the Veniceball League were able to find and complete interactive tasks through conversations on the platform. Gamified tactics like earning membership points for raffle tickets and other prizes kept fans engaged and generated revenue for the event. Not only was Venicaball able to maintain interactions with fans, but gathering data and customer information helped create long-term relationships through GoSky Loyalty Program.

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The O2O Difference!

Announce Information Online & Generate Offline Revenue. 

The 2022 Ron Beal Day events kicked off with a two-day semi-final and championship game at the end of August. In preparation for the event, the complete schedule of events was broadcasted through GoSky Loyal . These announcements encouraged fans and followers to head to Venice Beach and enjoy the festivities in person. The perfect Online to Offline pitch.

Converting that social traffic into physical traffic drove fans to both support Veniceball’s online store and in-person retail points. Revenue generated from jerseys, caps, and other merchandise helped create a sense of community during the game day while promoting the O2O model. Fans who were unable to attend that day could also connect directly to Youtube and watch the live broadcast of the game. 

One of the biggest challenges of offline events is how to properly capture visitor data. GoSky helps solve this dilemma by guiding fans from online communities to scan QR codes and engage with the League across Messenger. 

In this way, offline traffic was easily converted into online engagement and long-term relationships with audiences. This is a dream come true for brands and companies looking to maximize the potential and retarget offline visitors for a higher than average customer lifetime value. 

💡The Veniceball Loyalty Program At A Glance

Gamification Works! Help Users Accumulate Points By Engaging!
Utilize omnichannel engagement strategies to cultivate meaningful engagement with your brand. 

Daily check-in: Increase user engagement‍

Engage with Veniceball’s loyalty program by simply opening Messenger. It’s just like chatting with friends.

Track subscriptions: Don’t lose out on capturing information across your channels

Capture customer information and stimulate long-term relationships from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube channels, and even blog readers. The Veniceball League was easily able to leverage GoSky’s omnichannel ability to capture customer data and enable future retargeting efforts. 

Information broadcast: Give fans immediate access to news & updates

GoSky AI's free broadcast generates a return rate of nearly 90%. Fans can subscribe to Veniceball notifications with just the click of a button. Whenever the latest news is released, subscribers will receive relevant information instantly. It's that simple. 

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