Lazada is an e-commerce platform spanning Southeast Asia, which offers consumers a wide range of products including fashion, trendy merchandise, electronics and life needed groceries. Lazada was acquired by Alibaba Group in 2016 with the aim of strengthening the e-commerce industry's potential in Southeast Asia. However, even though it has become the leading e-commerce company in Southeast Asia, Lazada still focuses on "deepening membership operation" and "encouraging members’ retention" as its annual goals.

Therefore, Lazada cooperated with GoSky AI to build an exclusive Loyalty Program. To build long-term relationships with consumers via gamification challenges and social engagement points platform. Further increase customer’s Life-Time-Value(LTV).

Three effectiveness indicators

Lazada’s Loyalty Program was launched in October, 2019. It accumulated almost 100 thousand user’s engagement in less than a year. The numbers are still growing now. We have received several achievements through data analytic:

96% Weekly Retention Rate, GoSky Loyalty Program strengthen the connection between brand and users

GoSky Loyalty Program encourages users to return to Messenger regularly and keep watching Lazada live streaming. In order to stimulate user consumption, it also gives various prize mechanisms like discount codes or coupons according to the level of user’s engagement. This mechanism successfully routes users to autonomously return and interact with Lazada’s Messenger. Lazada's social engagement points system has cultivated more than 5% of users to become loyal users! This group of users kept returning to watch the live streaming for more than 49 days within 90 days, which means they have spent more than half of each day watching Lazada’s live streaming.

230% Increase in live streaming traffic from Messenger. Lazada successfully gained more users

In addition to developing the habit of users to visit autonomously, the live streaming traffic of Lazada also increased 230% by utilizing the GoSky Loyalty Program. We found that almost 40% of users would return to watch Lazada’s live streaming through Messenger. This phenomenon shows the trend of watching live streaming through Messenger has become the daily habit of users from Thailand. It also attracts more users to watch live streaming through Messenger by utilizing a sharing mechanism.

Increased 160% sales revenue to bring more profits to brand

The Gamification mechanism and social engagement points system of GoSky Loyalty Program allows Lazada to give various prizes according to the levels of user engagement. For instance, discount codes and coupons. GoSky Loyalty Program helps Lazada to achieve the goals of “deepen operation of social media followers” and “encourage user’s retention rate”, and further proliferate sales revenue. Compared with e-commerce sales performance during the same period, Lazada’s sales revenue increased 160% after using the GoSky Loyalty Program! It also created 11.5X higher ROI.

3 strategies of Lazada E-commerce solutions increase member’s loyalty and LTV!

Give users an incentive to continuously engage with the brand: GoSky Loyalty Program

The crux of GoSky Loyalty Program: Gamification Challenge and Social Engagement Points System create incentives to the long-term interaction between Lazada and their customers. From daily check-in, sharing live streaming to purchasing goods, etc. All consumption behavior that happens in social media can be transformed to membership points. Through the incentives of point accumulation and achievement unlocking, fans are driven to visit and interact with the brand every day. Successfully increased the mind share and LTV of Lazada’s customers in Thailand. In this project, when designing the challenge tasks and reward mechanism, not only the expertise of Lazada's marketing team and GoSky business consultants are combined, but also local fans in Thailand are invited to provide feedback and jointly design the points accumulation mechanism. GoSky Loyalty Program helps brands to plan events that are easy for fans to implement, and combine with the rewards provided by the brand to launch a membership program that is suitable for the Thailand market.

Build your exclusive loyalty program:

"By running the Loyalty Program on the Messenger, we will be able to create a brand new interactive mechanism that brings great benefits to Lazada and users. By providing the right incentives, users can immerse themselves in a new user experience, feel free to watch Lazada live streaming or online store, and interact actively in the Lazada social community.” - Fash Chang, CEO and Co-founder of GoSky.

Link each marketing campaign to build long-term relationships with consumers

In the past, brand marketing activities were all independent marketing projects, so the affection was also independent and difficult to accumulate. In an independent promotional event, consumers who have purchased may not consume again or respond in the next time.

Through the GoSky Loyalty Program, Lazada successfully connects every marketing campaign to build a long-term and stable relationship between the brand and consumers. Users can accumulate membership points on their social media account in every single marketing activity, whether it is sharing, participating in live streaming, or offline brand activities. In this way of operation, every marketing activity can be successfully linked together to achieve synergy!

Social media members link brand member databases to create a real-time and customized product recommendation system!

In addition to linking every marketing campaign for Lazada, GoSky Loyalty Program also merges social engagement points system and Lazada’s orginal membership data. Therefore, Lazada can precisely record the consumer’s preference and their sharing behavior for further re-marketing. To Provide more customized recommendations and live streaming content more quickly and simoutaneously according to the user's jorney. Attract users to interact and enhance their purchasing incentive continuously, and increase the sales revenue.

“Our Membership System (Loyalty Program) in Messenger is highly different from the previous traditional consumer insights reports. In this Messenger experience, we can analyze and understand precisely what’s the products our members click and share. Further based on user behavior, we can now provide customized product recommendations and live streaming content faster to our consumers, and import more traffic from Facebook into Lazada and LazLive. Consumers are now more often consumed on our platform.” - Emily Liu, Senior Vice President of Thailand New Business Group

What can you actually do? If you also want to “deepen social media operation, attract member return spontaneously”

In the past, brands were always hard to calculate the total number of consumers, which they are and how many interactions produced. The GoSky Loyalty Program solved those problems. It helps brands to know the total number of times the brand has interacted with their consumers online, how many people received brand’s promotional information and the times each person spent! 

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