Do you still pay for Line Broadcast or use the traditional marketing ways like EDM or SMS? GoSky has launched “Recurring Notifications” on Messenger! After users agree to receive subscription messages, this function allows brands to send proactive, personalized, and automated messages in specific frequencies that drive re-engagement and increase sales conversion.

In order to avoid the behavior of electronic spamming affecting user’s experience, Facebook has a 24-hours policy that limited promotional messages could be only sent within a 24 hour period of the individual's last interaction. As a result, it causes the appearance of breakpoints in interactions, lower retention rate and user engagement. But fortunately, this restriction has been removed because of the trends of conversational commerce! Recurring Notifications allow businesses to re-engage with people who interacted with them via their messaging channels and guide users to agree to receive messages in specific frequency as daily/weekly/monthly. Businesses can do it for free now by utilizing Recurring Notifications. According to the data report released by Meta, The open rate of “Recurring Notifications” is 3.5 times higher than SMS and 20 times higher than E-mail. After receiving upcoming activities notifications, estimated 70% of them will purchase the ticket on that day.

Compared to other channels calculated by sending volume, businesses can reduce estimated 20 times marketing costs if broadcast 4 times in one month and send 10 thousands promotional messages to users. GoSky AI as the official partner of Meta now also launches “Recurring Notifications” available for all businesses.

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3 application scenarios meet each industry demands

Let’s explore how “Recurring Notifications” works!

① One-click to save immediately

Users only need to click the button of “Receive Messages”, then the system can save users' information automatically as a reference of later broadcast and a stable traffic pool.

② Free Retargeting

“Recurring Notifications” enables tailored and zero-cost messages delivery in fixed frequency, which can be personalized according to the businesses’ marketing goals and do not need to pay additional charges. 3 options are available:

  • 1 time per day for 6 months: businesses can send one push notification per day and the valid period of subscription is 6 months. System will send reminder messages automatically after the expiration dates.
  • 1 time per week for 9 months: businesses can send one push notification per week and the valid period of subscription is 9 months. System will send reminder messages automatically after the expiration dates.
  • 1 time per month for 1 year:  businesses can send one push notification per month and the valid period of subscription is 1 year. System will send reminder messages automatically after the expiration dates.

③ Sending CTA(Call-To-Action) Messages

| Basic Application

Businesses can personalize messages to guide users' actions according to various marketing scenarios. To accomplish various marketing goals.

  • Promotional activities for specific festivals or activities: advance notice or countdown reminder, businesses can also send discount codes or coupons synchronously. Increasing customers’ purchase intention!
  • Brand activities promotion: Whether it's an online lecture, a physical exhibition or a season opening, event information can be sent to potential participants in real time and further guide registration.
  • Commodity information notification: New product launch, hot-selling product arrival notification directly to customers, and even broadcast different commodity information to 

Individuals who are interested. Precise market segmentation increases conversion rate!

| Premium Application

In addition to the above-mentioned applications, there are more advanced applications waiting for you to discover!

  • Gamification interactions: Matching with creative roulette games, businesses can invite users to participate in lucky draw roulette by utilizing “Recurring Notifications”. Online lottery to strengthen the frequency of user interaction, engagement and social traffics
  • Precise remarketing: Matching with unicode discount code that is available to both online and offline consumption. Sending exclusive discount codes that are unrepeated to each user after notification was sent. Collecting user profile and consumption history precisely.
  • Loyal membership management:Matching  with GoSky Loyal Social Engagement Points Platform. Setting the “Recurring Notifications” as a part of points accumulation tasks. Notifying members of exclusive activities to develop long-term loyalty.

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Over 80% retention rate and available for all industries!

| Regular promotion of sports team merchandise, with discounts delivered directly to fans.

Hsinchu JKO Lioneers guide fans to subscribe notifications in interaction via Messenger. So they can send the latest activities information and Unicode discount code to fans during specific promotion periods, with the pictures and introductions of the main products, then guide the fans to quickly browse in Messenger and link to the purchase page with one click. Successfully achieve the goals of tracking the consumption behavior of fans, increase sales conversion and further cultivate those who have purchased to become loyal customers!

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