Nowadays, the E-commerce market is highly competitive and existing products are usually highly homogeneous. If brands cannot find their own Unique Selling Point (USP), they would be easily lost in the war of price competition. As a result, consumers might be weary of terms in sales talk like “just for once, never again, etc.”. Therefore, USP became the only way and key strategy for E-commerce to survive. The landscape of USP is not only limited to products, it can also be brand spirit, customer service or experience.

Relithe Boutique launched their 2nd anniversary special event: an online sales exhibition through GoSky Message Marketing, which brought customers an immersive experience just like they have made a personal appearance by using anthropomorphic introductory tone and customized product recommendation. In Messenger, customers can browse diverse bags, wallet exhibited videos, and even SA introductory videos. Then the customized Unique Discount Codes were also provided to each customer at the last . Via above sales strategies, Relithe successfully provided the personalized online shopping experience that others cannot achieve. They have created 6% sales conversion!

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Online customer journey that is comparable to offline service, achieves more than 60% new traffic.

“ Hi~ Welcome to the Relithe Boutique 2nd anniversary sales exhibition! ”
“ There is your number, it will be called in order to enter the venue💁”

Lead customers to start exploring this online sales exhibition seems like Real SA, and Insert photos and videos of receptionists and merchandise through GoSky Message Marketing’s abundant graphic placement function. All the factors combined together to be the layout of the offline exhibition. Coupled with GoSky Message Marketing’s detailed tag triage function, Navigate customers to different interaction flows according to their choices. For instance, designating a dedicated SA to introduce you personally, giving personalized recommendations according to customers’ constellation traits, or navigating to products list directly. Customers can enjoy a VIP experience in the whole user journey.

Furthermore, The most indecisive thing in the whole online shopping experience is that we cannot imagine the real situations of actually carrying. Like the real bag's size ratio when carrying in our body or whether the length of the strap is moderate to us. In the purpose of letting customers feel the attractivity of the products directly, Relithe have consideration for almost all possibilities, they send customers SA trials video directly via the chatbot that is designed via GoSky Message Marketing.

The Author of “Marketing 5.0: Technology for Humanity”, Kotler et al. have mentioned, the era of people-oriented, customer-centric marketing has arrived. Customers now are more serious about the feeling of brand experiences. They expect to enjoy personalized consumer experiences. Relithe fulfill their expectation by innovative and easy-to-use chatbot interaction, and achieve more than 60% new traffic.

Unicode discount code to track specific customers, create proliferated conversations by precise communication!

The final goal of the 2nd anniversary activities is to increase sales revenue by sending discount codes. But the brand can achieve more than that by GoSky Message Marketing. Customers will be tagged by every interaction in the user journey. For example, when consumers chose Gucci as their priority, Relithe can further find their preferences by user tagging, the information of Gucci will be specifically sent and accomplish the purpose of precise re-marketing.

Customers are also invited to leave their basic background information and subscribe to the activities of Relithe in the process of getting a discount code. Therefore, brands can send their new product launches or brand activities after the exhibition, to keep the  long-term re-marketing channels. At the end of the exhibition, customers who finished all interactions can gain a group of unicode discount codes. This discount code is unique. Brands can track each customer whether they use or not, then take different marketing strategies. For those who have finished purchasing, brands can further cultivate them to be long-term loyal customers. For those who have not purchased, brands can strengthen communication. Brands can achieve precise segmentation and re-marketing by user tagging. Let the benefits not only stop in that, but also continue to play a positive cycle that makes marketing activities easier and achieve higher conversions.

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