Basketball fans in Taiwan finally see the birth of a professional professional basketball league after 20 years pass. After the official establishment of P.LEAGUE+(PLG), it has quickly become popular and topical. Competitions were held every weekend, which create nearly 82% attendance rate, attract more than 10,000 fans to watch the live streaming online,  and the TV ratings have also repeatedly achieved good results.

After being established in 2022, PLG has a new force of New Taipei Kings and Kaohsiung Steelers to join. Their landscape has officially extended to Southern Taiwan.

At present, there are a large number of regional fans in North, Central and South to support. This article aims to reveal how P.LEAGUE+ utilize GoSky's services to connect fans from all over the world and why they can successfully create a new basketball community ecosystem to drive future business opportunities in the city!

Immediately build-up a brand-specific community ecosystem👉🏻

3 Major Taiwan basketball league, how PLG broke through those encirclements.

Taiwan basketball league in the 2021-2022 season has ushered in a new era of "3 League 17 Teams". PLG continued the popularity of last season by their activity and interactions in social media, and gained a high volume in the new season. Because of the highly competitive competition’s content, innovative marketing strategies and digital creative tools. They successfully attract cross-generation fans and increase their willingness to purchase tickets. PLG has already become a popular discussion topic in daily life and highly increases user’s engagement.

Initial fascination of PLG: Listening to fans voice

Blackie Chen, Founder & CEO of PLG has said: “ We pay great attention to the opinions of our fans, we find it hard to grasp valuable information.” For professional leagues, they attach great importance to all the overall experiences of fans because fans are their target segmentation. PLG hopes to continue to promote the development of local basketball in Taiwan and turn "one-day fans" into "Taiwan basketball" fans!

How do marketers of PLG communicate and reach various levels of fans? What messages should be sent? Therefore, the main goals of them coorporated with GoSky focus on:

  • Build an exclusive social membership engagement platform. Collect user’s journey for further precise re-marketing
  • Provide all-round team and player introduction and more convenient ways for searching information about the schedule and ticket purchase
  • Reduce the time cost of marketer via quickly expansion and automated progress

P.LEAGUE+ Loyalty Program

Increase league engagement and motivate the action of receiving instant information through online interactive behaviors when season starts, such as weekly MVP best player, rookie selection and other voting activities. Collocation with the recurring notification of real-time live streaming. Fans will continue to stay connected with the team even if they are not at the scene.

The “Points accumulation" and "Prizes redemption” mechanism of “GoSky Loyal Social Engagement platform'' was also being used. In addition to enhancing interest and motivation to participate, it can also help with strengthening relationships between fans and PLG. Other Martech tools like roulette draw and unicode discount code were also being used to maximize benefit. PLG effectively transferred traffic from online to offline. 

Build-up a second battlefield in online via data

Nearly 40% fans would autonomously share after long-term operation. Through the MGM(Members Get Members) effect, PLG created natural traffic that became their strong competitive advantage. PLG not only transfers offline fans into online stan, they also further stimulate the consumption of peripheral products e-commerce.

GoSky Loyalty Program also helps PLG to create user tagging backstage for fans activity tracking and filter out their profiles and preferences. Based on these "people-oriented" data, PLG can extend relevant topics in the social media to achieve the goal of "the most refined and most interactive with fans".

GoSky Insight💡Trilogy of outlining user’s journey

① GoSky Loyal “Points accumulation by gamification tasks” function

Stimulate the completion of various tasks, such as daily log-in, weekly MVP or cheerleading voting activities. Users can redeem those points for discount codes or coupons for later consumption on online stores.

②  GoSky Loyal “Multi-label management” function

Platforms backstage can automatically collect user's profiles to stimulate shopping behavior, including supporting team, weekly best MVP, living city etc.

③ GoSky Chatbot “Recurring Notifications”

Remind fans to regularly receive related information and review games, so that PLG can create a high retention rate in the off-season.

Learn more in-depth membership management secrets👉🏻