When summertime comes around, everyone craves a fresh beverage. No one understands this better than the beverage brand Oregin Tea. To proliferate the pleasures of a fresh, cold, summertime beverage, Oregin collaborated with well-known YouTuber Orochimaru to launch “Orochimaru milk tea”. This case study will shine a light on how the strategies used by Oregin led to quickly combining member point management and recurring notifications to attract both regular and new customers.

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① Stage 1: Develop a membership traffic pool through gamification tasks

Oregin used GoSky Loyalty Program to launch their branded membership platform by using multi-channel promotion to encourage more new members to join. Through the use of various gamification tasks such as subscribing to the latest news, sharing specific social posts, playing daily lottery roulette, and more, Oregin began to see a sharp rise in its number of new members. 

Allowing members to easily accumulate points by finishing some simple tasks, proved to be a successful approach. Thanks to easy gamification tasks and a low operating threshold, customer breakpoints were eliminated, and the overall willingness of customers to participate in the gamified tasks increased. The result delivered an increase of 80% more members finishing tasks that they previously weren't doing. 

In addition, Oregin also utilized popular social topics to launch a limited-time haunted house quiz. When prompted with the possibility of redeeming free movie tickets, users began showing an incredible interest. All of the strategies discussed above helped Oregin to not only retain the data of regular members, but also highly stimulate more new customers' attention.

② Stage 2: Implementing a gamified comment task to attract customers to their advertisements. 

When aiming to maintain brand awareness in customers, and stimulate their visit, reminding customers to unlock the new tasks at different intervals is necessary. Excluding offline print media, digital advertisements and social media promotion are the effective ways to increase customers' attention when launching a new product. That is why the Gosky Loyalty Program automatically sent membership notifications to customers after they commented on Oregin’s social posts. Inevitably fueling an efficient diffusion process. 

Oregin also used the latest Recurring Notification functions to notify customers of the launch of new tasks. These functions helped Oregin accomplish an 83% higher open rate. Maintaining member management daily by leveraging this unique strategy led to an increase in both retention and interaction.

③ Stage 3:Daily sign-in lottery roulette broadcasted every day. 

During the second round of tasks, Oregin had a goal of utilizing Recurring Notifications to route members’  traffic to lucky draw roulette. Keeping members reminded that they can earn an uncapped amount of membership points, helped produce steady-flowing data. The overall goal of this was to provide users with an earning opportunity apart from single tasks. According to the activities’ data report, daily lottery roulette had the largest amount of participation. In summary, Recurring Notifications had accomplished an 80% open rate and almost 50% click-through rate.

④ Stage 4: Points redemption of coupon to increase sales conversion

Besides designed tasks to expand brand awareness. The final goal of Oregin was to transform every interaction into revenue. For that reason, the online prizes of Oregin were mainly coupons. They created over 70% sales conversion by just coupon redemption alone! 

As the multi-tasking and prize options increased, Oregin moved more effectively to strengthen the participation and sales conversion of their team. By continuing to transfer online customers to offline profits, Oregin finally built up a positive membership points system economic ecology!

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