Hootsuite, the global leader in social media management, and We Are Social, the socially lead creative agency, have released the Digital 2022 Report. This report shows that There are now 4.62 billion social media users around the world, representing growth of more than 10 percent (424 million new users) since this time last year. As social media user growth increases, people say they are spending more time on social media each day than they did the previous year, at 2 hours and 27 minutes. All datas show the obvious trends of social media as a significant marketing channel. Loyalty programs must be needed to be a part of corporation operations. How corporations can benefit from loyalty programs, and how can they choose the suitable one?

Retrieved from:HubSpot 2021 Not Another State of Marketing Report

Reciprocal Link is the crux to increase customer life-time value.

GoSky Loyalty Program can be understood as customer relationship management in all domains based on social media . The main difference with Traditional CRM is it more focus on customer-centric philosophy. It changes corporations' fixed mindset of “customer management” into “create the interactions with customers”, which creates a reciprocal interaction with customers.  As a result, corporations can now gain first-hand data via social media and turn that data into more precise marketing and immediate feedback on customer’s need.

Moreover, GoSky Loyalty Program can also track the user’s journey over Facebook、Instagram. Help brands to capture more comprehensive and stereoscopic customer’s profiles. Precise broadcast brands messages to audiences who are interested in. Brands can grasp the consumers at each stage of the marketing funnel through personal marketing, as well as maximize customer’s life-time values at the same time.

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The key of marketing tool picking! A stitch in time saves nine.

① Multi-channel access login: gain membership in every touch points.

Does your brand have the problem of being unable to effectively manage member's traffic and data in various channels? GoSky Loyal Social Engagement Points Platform now officially launches “Multi-Channel Access Login” to help brands to merge users from different channels on one site. To maximize the flow pool and data management efficiency!

“4 Entrance X 3 ways of access login”, GoSky consist of practicing multiple channels of customer experience. Besides entering by brand’s official page in Facebook and Instagram, Line OA, users can also enter by scanning the QRCode offline. There are a total of 3 Ways for entering the platform's interface in 4 Entrances. Users can login with the ways that they prefer through Facebook Messenger, Line and Phone numbers to accumulate points or redempt brand’s offers,  Let brands predominate omni-channel traffics.

💡3 ways of access login to have the most complete member experience.

  • Messenger:Complete login and sign-up in 3 secs via conversations in Messenger.
  • Line:One tap to sign-up in the brand's Line OA, then bind your Messenger account.
  • Phone numbers: Input your phone numbers and finish the OTP verification at any time in anywhere, then bind your Messenger account.

② No need to develop APP, #NoCode, #NoDownload loyalty programs.

Some corporations will choose to develop their own APP as a CRM system. But it not only costs high in early development and daily operations, it also has trouble rerouting traffic. A Forbes report has shown that 91% of people do not like to download APPs. People prefer to communicate through messaging nowadays and almost 80% of them have abandoned transactions in the last year because the brand wanted to force them to install their app. The total install amount in Messenger is higher than social media. 70% consumers have been in contact with brands in Messenger in the past 3 months. All the phenomenon shows the trends of online messaging. 

GoSky Loyalty Program makes natural interaction available between brands and consumers. The completely No-Code background operation interface enables brands to get started easily even if they do not understand the program, and we provide a professional consultant team to support at the meanwhile.

③ Member segmentation: increase member’s value by various membership levels.

GoSky Loyal Social Engagement Points Platform allows brands to devine member’s levels by points accumulation and amount of consumptions, including potential, regular, new and loyal customers. Planning specific tasks for various level’s customers by using the Gamification theory: the 8 core drives in octalysis, to guide customers to transform layer by layer, stimulate the maximum member value and also get well-prepared for later precise re-marketing!

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