GoSky Loyalty Program officially launched in Southeast Asia Esports industry !

The MPL Professional League is the official event of the online game "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang", which is hosted by developer Moonton Games and it’s the predominant professional league in Southeast Asian MOBA mobile gaming area. They created the latest records including over 2.8 Millions of Peak Concurrent Viewers(PCV) and over 80 millions hours of total watch times in Season 9, April 2022. They have become one of the most popular professional leagues.

MPL wanted to achieve better milestones than previous seasons. In order to enhance social traffic, user engagement and the ability of collecting user profiles for re-marketing databases, they decided to collaborate with GoSky starting in Season 10, August 2022. Expand the scope of promotion to the next level by utilizing the GoSky Loyalty Program.

What can GoSky Loyalty Program actually do? 👉https://go.goskyai.com/4h5e4v/

Audience Can Also Participate by Gamification tasks!

MPL already had a large number of fans originally. The crucial goal of using GoSky Loyalty Program focuses on helping them to effectively convert regular fans into valuable members, significantly deepen the relationship from the first social interaction to lifetime purchases, as well as achieve the promotion and warm-up effect of Season 10 at the same time. 

No need to develop APP, #NoCode & #NoDownload, GoSky Loyal Social Engagement Points Platform helps businesses to build customized Apps on messaging platforms for marketing, sales, and loyalty at the lowest cost but with the fastest speed. Turn followers to membership in 3 sec. Points accumulation was provided to rare character skins redemption. Fans can now not only be a bystander, but also a participator. The league’s teams accumulate points in the event and the audiences accumulate the points online. MPL successfully extended the fun essence of the league to millions of fans outside the field!

Create a strong campaign optimization database by enhancing Interaction and collecting feedback.

MPL attained long-term marketing goals and effectively investigated members' profiles for precise re-marketing via various tasks designed, recurring notifications, as well as gamification interactions over messenger.

💡 Daily roulette for points accumulation

Daily login task. Fans can participate in points accumulation roulette by opening Messenger. By using simple and interesting ways to attract fans to finish points redemption and cultivate the long-term habits of daily interaction, MPL has increased users engagement crucially!

💡 Zero-cost message broadcast

Subscribed notification task. Fans are allowed to subscribe to the latest news from MPL by using GoSky Recurring Notification. It constructs a communication bridge between fans and MPL and creates an overall subscription rate of 82%.

💡 Attain over 80% interaction rate! Know user journey clearly.

The Q&A interactions are nothing similar to the traditional questionnaire, which were created through the GoSky Loyalty Program. First-hand data is gained through conversations with fans to become the reference of MPL social marketing. For instance, user journeys in social media, mostly-used social media, the topics interested in. According to those data, MPL can further analyze the demographic of audiences like gender, age and willingness to pay. In addition, interesting prediction activities are designed to allow fans to sort out the championship candidate teams in their minds. As a result, MPL can understand the audience's preferences on the team and also trigger community discussions in different dimensions.

Immediately build-up customized membership task 👉 https://go.goskyai.com/4h5e4v/

The long-term fans cultivate mechanism of GoSky Loyalty Program is the crux of precise marketing!

The organizer of MPL,  Marketing Director of Moonton Games Dylan Chia has said: “ The operation of Esports events can be regarded as a platform based on audiences, teams, media, sponsors, and many more. This platform can only grow and develop better when everyone can benefit from it. So we must consider how the team, sponsors and audience can be benefited.” 

The GoSky Loyalty Program is the best way to attain this goal. This season is just getting started. Many more exciting tasks will be launched soon. Stay tuned!