Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) terminated their activities by the impact  of COVID-19 in the past 2 years. Therefore, the expectation of people is higher than ever for the 2022 All Star Game, which shows precisely on ticket sales. Over 26 thousand tickets were sold before the game started.

For the pre-heat of All Star Game, CPBL All Star Game build-up gamification interaction and points accumulation tasks on social media through GoSky Loyalty Program. First create the MGM(Member Get Member) effect by utilizing the popularity of baseball players, then sending activity reminders by automatic recurring notification to increase attention rates. In this process, first-hand data of the user's journey can also be collected for further precise re-marketing!

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How does CPBL construct new generation interactions on social media?

  • Create interactions, gimmick and attention on social media to increase the willingness of fans participating
  • Guide fans to participate offline activities of All Star Game and purchase ticket
  • Transform traffics into consumption power by guiding users to online shopping mall and voting

Gamification members points platform of GoSky Loyalty Program

CBPL All Star Games this year have launched a series of online points accumulation tasks through the GoSky Loyalty Program. On average, 1 of 2 interactive fans joins as a loyalty member. Over 10,000 members were added in 2 months, laying the groundwork for the successful offline tournament at the end of July.

The activity of popular baseball player selection created nearly 50 thousand voting times. The other highly interactive tasks included “The King of Power pitcher”, “Champion of Home Run Derby” as well as “Winning team of the tournament”. Those increased interaction rates and achieved over 80% task completion rates. The prediction results are automatically collected in the process.

Points accumulation tasks connect to online and offline participation. It clearly helps with the segmentation by the records of the user's journey and preferences. For instance, the favorite teams, the most frequently watched courses etc. CPBL continually attains precise marketing by grasping first-hand data.

92% Message open rates to awake users engagement

CPBL All Star Games have used chatbots to automatically reply to normal FAQ and consultation of audiences. For example, information on the league schedules, tickets, and shopping malls in different categories.  This operation not only helps fans to find information about games and events in real time, but also reduces the labor involved in replying to messages, which also helps with the potential customers' leads collection for future marketing. The open rates of recurring notifications achieved 92%.

MGM (Member Get Member) effect fastly increase fans attention

Have you ever heard of the MGM effect before? This refers to a marketing strategy consisting of asking customers or members of a company to attract new customers, either for brand loyalty or through incentives. Fans can vote for the supporting players or unlock various points accumulation tasks on CPBL Chatbot, then redeem the points for jerseys and other peripheral goods.

In addition,  for the purpose of increasing views of videos like promos, live streams or highlights and overall attention, CPBL All Star Games embedded the outbound link of their YouTube channel within GoSky Loyalty Program, encouraging the sharing, subscription and fans participation in the excitement of the league race with an average sharing rate of 80%.

FB X IG X YT Multi-channel assists with traffic proliferation!

For CPBL, GoSky Loyalty Program performs like a mini APP for fans. From multi-channel interactions, gimmicks created, increased online volume and engagement, CPBL can effectively attain O2O that  guide fans from online to offline and transform traffic into revenue, which successfully increase ticket sales, fans engagement and sales revenue of online stores.

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