Like Tea Shop started from a small stall in Taichung Second Market and now has already become a time-honoured brand with over 40 years of history.

Since the opening of the franchise in 2019, Like Tea Shop now have more than 100 stores in Taiwan. This article will let you know how GoSky helps them to achieve the goal of “ increasing the number of new customers and the loyalty of old customers”. 

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The current situation and dilemma of the beverage chain industry

With the market becoming saturated, beverage chains are facing the following operational challenges: higher operating costs and promotional costs due to intense competition in the industry, especially with the emergence of branded beverage chains of all sizes. Therefore, beverage chains are now increasingly focused on gaining new customers, increasing retention rates of old customers and unit prices, maintaining a brand reputation as well as attracting repeat purchases. In general, apart from daily store sales revenue, efficient long-term customer management is also an important factor that affects turnover rates.

The common problem of traditional beverage chains is  “how to keep up with the marketing model of the market?”. In order to find a brand foothold in the market, GoSky suggests brands think about marketing from the perspective of data.  To find out more potential customers by effectively running the member’s journey. GoSky Loyalty Program is designed to help the beverage chain industry increase the consumer’s Lifetime Value (LTV), when brands encounter operational pain points. 

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Thoroughly analyze customer consumption behavior to find key pain points to improve revenue

In fact, Like Tea Shop is facing the same dilemma as the beverage chains in the market:

  • Cannot track customer’s data effectively
    Due to the reason of increasing new customers only depending on offline campaigns and not focusing on the operation of old customers.

  • Consumer Services and Data Fragmentation
    User's journey cannot be clearly known by bill information.

  • Unable to attain re-marketing by market segmentation
    Unclear about the operational effectiveness of marketing and do not know how member’s data can be used effectively.

The primary goal of the cooperation between Like Tea Shop and GoSky is to focus on:

  • Increase the number of new members and the engagement rate of old customers.
  • Collect the user's journey and guide social behavior to offline purchases.
  • To develop new beverage R&D, marketing direction and ads building according to user tagging.

The main tasks of member accumulation: to solve the pain points of physical membership cards are easy to lose

Digitize paper membership cards by GoSky Loyalty Program to solve the problems of being unable to analyze consumption data, easy to lose and shared membership. Through the recurring notification mechanism, and new user gifts, membership classification system and birthday gifts for old customers etc, Like Tea Shop attains the goals of increasing new members and stimulating the engagement rate of old consumers.


Comprehensive understanding of user journey by utilizing "People-oriented" data collection

For further precise re-marketing and increased mind share of customers, GoSky Loyalty Program helps brands to collect “people-oriented” data from both online and offline. Then inducing users to spend offline by social interactions through OMO. Successfully attain the goal of O2O and create new post-consumer touch points. GoSky lets the interaction become sales revenue and other potential opportunities. After relating the sales performance and valuable members, the marketing strategies according to market segmentation can be designed. The member data can also be used in R&D, ad strategies and increased LTV.

GoSky Insight💡Trilogy of increasing consumption power

‍① GoSky Loyal “customized coupon” function

The new member gifts, trials of new merchandise and co-branded coupons can be used to stimulate consumption behavior.

②  GoSky Loyal “Multi-label management” function

Let the operation of customers be optimized by user classification, then precisely sending related coupons, birthday gifts, and attracting repeat customers to repurchase.

③ GoSky Loyal “Points accumulation” function

Cultivate a user’s habit of consumption in offline stores and point accumulation behaviors to record the user’s journey. Brands can re-market precisely by utilizing user segmentation.

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