Cosmetic Brand Beauty Player Leverages GoSky Loyalty Program to Reduce Their Cost per Conversation and Increase Sales by 40%

Startup growth often comes in spurts. When cosmetic brand Beauty Player finally dialed in the right profit-market fit, they couldn’t deal with the inquiries and orders fast enough. It’s a good problem to have, but it doesn’t make those growing pains any easier to handle. The positive response from customers around the world was overwhelming. It became clear that Beauty Player needed a more sustainable solution for converting conversations into sales. 

Managing inquiries and conversations is easy. But Beauty Player wanted something more. They wanted a solution for enhancing customer loyalty. Utilizing GoSky’s loyalty program successfully reduced their cost per conversation by more than 50%, increased sales by 40%, and achieved a stunning 10x return on ad spend (ROAS).

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Those Startup Growing Pains Led To An Overworked Team

Like any startup, finally finding the right product-market fit can feel like a dream come true. But now, here comes the flood of customers that all demand instant attention. Studies show that not responding quickly to customer inquiries, and fulfilling orders in time can lead to a dramatic loss of business, loss of trust, and a bad reputation. Beauty Player knew they needed to act fast. 

Beauty Player Is On A Mission To Help Customers Enhance Their Skins Natural Beauty

While trying to fulfill that mission, people of all skin types were contacting Beauty Player to buy products that would restore a healthy glow to their skin and boost confidence. The constant influx of messages and orders became overwhelming. Their team became overworked, and the company lost out on a valuable opportunity to serve even more customers. All because they didn't have enough resources. 

To top it off, their cost per conversation was growing. Since team members had to respond to conversations, and inquiries manually, their cost per conversion skyrocketed to an astronomically high amount. Beauty Player executives knew they needed a viable solution, and they needed one fast. This spawned the unanimous decision to implement an affordable solution that both increased client loyalty and sales. Enter GoSky Loyalty Program. 

GoSky Loyalty Program Increases Sales and Automates FAQs 

Getting systematic about customer communication helped Beauty Player enlist the help of GoSky to construct a #No-Code, #No-Download loyalty program. Since their platform was ripe with social engagement, and fans frequently interacted with Beauty Player regularly, the GoSky Loyalty Program was poised to make a massive impact. 

Essentially, Beauty Player wanted a program to increase brand awareness and sales through interactive education and product recommendations. To kick things off, customers were asked some basic questions such as their skin type, and skin care goals. Depending on the response, customers were shared relevant skin care tips and recommended a suitable facial mask, plus a unique discount code. 

The Key Strategy and Powerful Features of the GoSky Loyalty Program

💡Knowing Beauty Player’s pains and goals, GoSky offered a simple, yet brilliant strategy that involved two key features:

Customer Tagging: Customers were offered personalized product recommendations and unique coupon codes.

This incredible feature enabled Beauty Player to greet customers by their first name for an added touch of personalization. Immediately followed by asking questions about their skin type to build a personalized experience of recommended products and skin-care tips. 

GoSky Loyalty Program automatically saves customer choices as tags for better customer segmentation and later use in retargeting campaigns. This allowed Beauty Player team members to customize unique coupon codes for each customer. This one tactic segments regular customers and new customers so each can benefit from a unique experience. 

AI-Driven Data analytics: Understand which customers are more likely to purchase 

By combining powerful data targeting and customizable tools in GoSky Loyalty Program, brands can create lookalike audiences of their most valuable customers to find new leads with similar characteristics. This helps run more effective campaigns and design Click-to-Messenger Ads or Sponsored Messages according to what customers want. 

GoSky Loyalty Is A High-Level Marketing Technology That Brings Incredible Results.

GoSky Loyalty revolutionized Beauty Player's ability to do business. Providing the brand with enough space to properly scale allowed Beauty Player to overcome the growing pains and reach a new level of profitability. The GoSky Loyalty Program helped them grow brand awareness, revenue and reduce costs. As a result, the team now enjoys less stressful and more streamlined operations. The results in a nutshell: 

  • 40% ($250,000) higher monthly sales. 
    GoSky helped them control the orders and messages they were already getting and increased sales overall.
  • 50% less cost per conversion. 
    With click-to-Messenger ad campaigns, reduced cost per conversion was cut by more than half, from $8.30 to $4.06.
  • 10X return on ad spend (ROAS). 
    Using multiple marketing automation tools positively affected this key metric as well.
  • 10% more average order value (AOV). 
    Brand awareness and educational content in GoSky Loyalty Program added more products per user.

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